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Energy Work – Solar Eclipse Integration

The frequencies that came through in the final call of the August Soul Expansion calls showed up to assist us in integrating the powerful energies of the Solar Eclipse Portal. We’ve never encountered such pure, crystalline, energy within our human experience and sometimes there’s a bit of a learning curve so to speak while we[…]

Andrew Martin

There Are Universes Within

I remember when I started to share this journey publicly. The first ever channelled message I posted from the lighted ones (TLO) was on November 21st of 2013  It was such an exciting moment for me. I had been working with them one on one for a couple of months. Learning how to empty myself[…]

Andrew Martin

The Current Eclipse Corridor

None of us will emerge unchanged by the energies of this eclipse corridor. Not just the two eclipses in February, but also the larger 6 month passage that culminates with two eclipses in August. It is not always required for us to understand what is happening at the level of logic/identity/mind. If the why is[…]