December Energy Transmission - Spiritual Maturity

December Energy Transmission – Spiritual Maturity

We’re reaching a tipping point in our evolution. December is kicked off by the lunar eclipse and the great conjunction coming later this month. All of this is pointing us to some really BIG questions to live. Can you stay with yourself when it’s uncomfortable? Can you stay with your experience when it’s awkward? Can[…]

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Judgement is the realm of the mind; the playing field of the small self. Judgement of ourselves, of circumstances, and of others is one of our greatest addictions. Judgement is the foundation for all separation. Separation is the ego’s favorite way to divide us from our Self. When I believe that a judgement is true,[…]

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Your Emotional Architecture

Emotional ArchitectureOne of the primary functions of a human experience is that we create through our emotions. Every single choice we make has an emotional underpinning. We create because we want an emotional pay off. We choose this because we like the way we feel when we do. We eat this food, because there’s a[…]