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Your New Life

There is a new life that is calling you forward. That’s why your current experience is no longer satisfying. You’ve been taught a successful, happy, life is all about external achievement and material things. You’ve been taught to crush your competition and that if you grind and struggle enough you’ll be rewarded. That’s one way[…]

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Seriously y’all , we need to talk about the manifesting situation! It’s been hijacked! I started the conversation on this month’s Energy Transmission.  Copyright © Andrew Martin. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter or edit it in any way, the content remains complete, and[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Post Eclipse: Unclench, Exhale, and Trust

Post Eclipse: Unclench, Exhale, and Trust. The eclipse corridor that started last August has FINALLY come to a close. Now many of us are feeling a bit shellshocked and asking “NOW what?!” In this video I’ve got some practical insight to help you navigate the new awareness that has opened up for us. TRANSFORMATION LAB[…]

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Challenge Follow Up – The Power of Deliberate Choice

The Power of Deliberate Choice – Following up on the video challenge I threw out in the “Choose More of What You Desire” video. There is a way to begin to deliberately create your experience and connect with your truth. Your truth is always connected to your level of awareness. You truth leads you to[…]