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Post Eclipse: Unclench, Exhale, and Trust

Post Eclipse: Unclench, Exhale, and Trust. The eclipse corridor that started last August has FINALLY come to a close. Now many of us are feeling a bit shellshocked and asking “NOW what?!” In this video I’ve got some practical insight to help you navigate the new awareness that has opened up for us. TRANSFORMATION LAB[…]

Andrew Martin

Challenge Follow Up – The Power of Deliberate Choice

The Power of Deliberate Choice – Following up on the video challenge I threw out in the “Choose More of What You Desire” video. There is a way to begin to deliberately create your experience and connect with your truth. Your truth is always connected to your level of awareness. You truth leads you to[…]

Andrew Martin

May 2017 Live Energy Forecast – Embodying the Light

May isn’t so much about what is happening, but HOW it is happening. Over the past few years, we’ve been retraining ourselves to see our being as light and energy first and then physical. The Light Body is very powerfully emerging after the big purges of the past few months. We can no longer create[…]