The Osiris Diaries - Dropping Distraction

The Osiris Diaries – Dropping Distraction

Another installment from Osiris today. This one hit REALLY close to home. The topics of commitment, focus, discipline, and distraction have always been a bit triggering for me. So, I often have a VERY reflexive, defensive, posture when it comes to this subject. However, as I am digging around in my own “stuff” it becomes[…]

The Osiris Diaries - Is It Real?

The Osiris Diaries – Is It Real?

It’s been a very interesting experience getting to know Osiris. What’s been amazing to me, is the amount of pressure I’ve been putting on myself to “figure it all out” and present some pre-packaged nugget of wisdom. That’s not how it works for me. That’s not how it’s EVER worked for me. So, this morning,[…]

1111 Energy Work

1111 Energy Work

This is the recording of the live energy work that was done on 11/11. This was a really beautiful transmission. The group connected directly with their higher aspect(s) to receive the frequency of Truth directly from Self.  It feels important to note that the final moments of the 2019 passage are offering us more space[…]

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Goodbye Eclipse Season! Hello Integration!

Just a brief morning chat to catch you up on the latest. Yay end of eclipse season! Yay Mercury going direct! Yay Patreon page! Yay payment plan for Mastery Mentorship! PATREON – MASTERY MENTORSHIP – BOOK A SESSION – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – YOUTUBE – NEWSLETTER –

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It Takes Truth to Transcend

This morning, my guides were knocking on the door with a message. It’s truth time! The passage of the past few weeks has been one of polarity. You have been called to an even deeper level within yourselves in order to clear the dross of your history. Clearing this has allowed you to ride the[…]