The Osiris Diaries - Dropping Distraction

The Osiris Diaries – Dropping Distraction

Another installment from Osiris today. This one hit REALLY close to home. The topics of commitment, focus, discipline, and distraction have always been a bit triggering for me. So, I often have a VERY reflexive, defensive, posture when it comes to this subject. However, as I am digging around in my own “stuff” it becomes[…]

The Osiris Diaries - Is It Real?

The Osiris Diaries – Is It Real?

It’s been a very interesting experience getting to know Osiris. What’s been amazing to me, is the amount of pressure I’ve been putting on myself to “figure it all out” and present some pre-packaged nugget of wisdom. That’s not how it works for me. That’s not how it’s EVER worked for me. So, this morning,[…]

11:11 Transmission With Osiris

11:11 Transmission With Osiris

Once again, I am called to step forward with information that (for me) feels incomplete or half baked. The phrase from the October video “A Mountain of Remembrance” has taken on a WHOLE new meaning. My Creator Self, Amar, has re-emerged in my awareness VERY powerfully and has brought a new friend with him! Osiris[…]