Andrew Martin

Major Transmutation Occurring

There’s a LOT happening right now energetically. I wanted to pop on and share my own experience and some insight for you on my first live YouTube broadcast. We are transmuting huge amounts of energy as timelines converge and shift. The collapse of the shadow construct is unleashing powerful energies for us. Thanks for watching and keep[…]

The 2016 Solstice and Beyond

In many ways the year of 2016 seemed to be about restriction. So many of you have experienced the sense of being held back or fenced in. Others have experienced the sense of being completely lost. It has often times been frustrating as you couldn’t make progress in the way that you thought you should be[…]

The Path of The Heart

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. At least not as much as I have wished or wanted to. I haven’t translated a message from TLO in over a month. There have been a lot of reasons for it. One of the reasons has been a very powerful merging of the guidance from my “Light[…]