September 2016 Energy Forecast – The Acceleration

A few days ago my guides, The Lighted Ones came through with a channelled message about how we as a collective have chosen an accelerated ascension timeline. What does this mean? It can mean a lot of things, but one thing is clear: it’s our choices from an emotional and energetic perspective in the eternal[…]

The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen

 I have been getting a message from TLO (The Lighted Ones) over the past few days about an accelerated ascension timeline for September. It’s odd, because for the past few weeks, I have been trying to peer into September to see what’s up energetically so I could prepare my Energy Update video for my YouTube channel.[…]

Choose Your Identity Choose Your Experience

I was meditating this morning…asking my guides to help me understand how we reconcile our Divine Self with our Human Self. The answer came through loud and clear…and as always somewhat cryptically 🙂 “Choose your Identity, Choose your Experience.” The ultimate truth is that we are Source. We are God. We are the Universe. Everything[…]

Down the Rabbit Hole and Up the Spiral We Go!

The healing sessions have continued and with each client they become more and more interesting and surreal and amazing. I don’t pretend to understand how it all works. I know that this path has been a series of baby-steps that have in hindsight amounted to a giant leap in awareness. It’s like I suddenly woke[…]

The Path of The Heart

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. At least not as much as I have wished or wanted to. I haven’t translated a message from TLO in over a month. There have been a lot of reasons for it. One of the reasons has been a very powerful merging of the guidance from my “Light[…]