Life's Promise

Life’s Promise

This morning during my journaling practice, I realized I’ve been keeping this journal for 10 years. In this video I am sharing a bit of what I’ve learned over the past decade. EXPLORE CHAOS & LIGHT  – VOID SESSIONS – NOW – – HEALING –

Meditation for Clearing Your Field Andrew Martin Energy

Meditation for Clearing Your Field

The current panic and hysteria that is and has been present in our collective field is so thick and dense right now. While we can’t always control what’s happening out there we are certainly accountable for how we process our feelings, energy, and emotions around it. This simple guided meditation is an easy way to[…]

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The Mechanism of Choice

A continuation of yesterday’s post. This message came through as additional insight a couple of years after the initial message. Amazing to look back and see how understanding grows and evolves as we do. “When we choose our identity, we choose our experience. The choices we make as a human defines our experience and brings[…]

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Your Emotional Architecture

Emotional ArchitectureOne of the primary functions of a human experience is that we create through our emotions. Every single choice we make has an emotional underpinning. We create because we want an emotional pay off. We choose this because we like the way we feel when we do. We eat this food, because there’s a[…]

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It’s your resistance that makes it a lesson. Otherwise it’s simply you flowing through your experience as you grow and expand beyond your limitations. Copyright © Andrew Martin. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter or edit it in any way, the content remains complete,[…]

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February Update – Becoming Magnetic

This month’s update is a practical, guided meditation. This meditation shows you how to connect directly with YOUR source. When we are in receiving mode we are magnetic. We are calling to ourselves what we require for our highest expression to manifest. In this video I am sharing a guided meditation that helps you begin[…]