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January 2020 Energy Transmission – It Has to Be You

‚ŹįSorry I’m late! I got here when I wanted to! This is pretty much my theme for 2020. That and “It HAS to Be You”! If not, you. Who? ūü™źThe Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction on the 12th is really setting the stage this year. We are transformed and now it’s about putting energy into action. Whatever you[…]

September Energy Transmission - Let it In, Let it Up, Let it Out

September Energy Transmission – Let it In, Let it Up, Let it Out

Ok, so we’ve been pretty much sliced, diced, and turned inside out over the past year or so, and September brings the relief of integration. We are starting to stitch ourselves back together. This is not a process to rush, however. This is an opportunity to do it eyes wide open, with no blindfolds. Being[…]

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August 2019 Energy Update – Collapsing Timelines, Chaos, and Your Truth

I’ve been in a very deeply transformational space for the past few weeks‚Ķwe all have in our own way. The voice of our truth will not be moved. The truth has no investment in whether or not you’re ready for it. It has no concern for whether or not it’s convenient. The truth is a[…]

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Patreon is Back!

Patreon is back!!! I hopped on to share a bit about BIG changes coming to¬†Andrew Martin Energy. As of May 1st my Patreon page is going to become a major focus of my practice. Take a listen to the video to find out more!PATREON –¬† –¬† ENERGY GATHERING REPLAY –¬† MENTORSHIP –¬† A SESSION –¬†[…]