The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen

accelerated timeline for september I have been getting a message from TLO (The Lighted Ones) over the past few days about an accelerated ascension timeline for September. It’s odd, because for the past few weeks, I have been trying to peer into September to see what’s up energetically so I could prepare my Energy Update video for my YouTube channel. I love doing these videos for you and so when I couldn’t see September’s energies, I was a bit perplexed.

Then a few days ago when I got the message about the acceleration, I was excited and curious. Excited about the idea of acceleration and of finally having a topic for the September video and also curious about what that meant exactly. The energies started to come in a few days ago and they are HUGE! The details have slowly been coming in over the past week.

This morning I was sitting with my morning coffee, checking in to see what was on the agenda. I kept hearing the info about September and was preparing to record my video even though September is still a week away. I figured it was ok that it came a bit early since they’ve been talking non-stop about acceleration anyway.

Usually when I record a video, I create a list of bullet points to share and always manage to find a point of connection from where to begin. This time, it wasn’t coming through clearly. So, I decided to sit and write to Amar and get some clarity.

For those of you who are new to my work, The Lighted Ones are a multi-dimensional council of several hundred beings and my Higher Self, Amar speaks for them. I call them my guides, but they are more like a council of advisors that I am also a part of. Kind of a United Nations sort of thing, but without the creepy shadow influence. 😉 It’s a mind-bending, “Inception”, “Interstellar” sort of thing to try and comprehend, so rather than try and make a distinction, I just call them My Light Team or My/The Guides.

Anyway, as I sat down to get some intel from them, it quickly became clear that this was going to be a written post. Even though I was REALLY looking forward to recording and editing my first video on my new laptop today!

In the beginning back in 2012/2013 when TLO first made contact, the primary way of communication was through channelled writing. That evolved into a brief period of my doing conscious channelling sessions and videos after Amar introduced himself in late 2014/early 2015; forgive me, the details of the events are a bit blurry through this rapid expansion. Now, it’s like a live stream connection to Amar speaking for TLO and when I connect to do readings or videos it’s basically a mind meld and the merging of information is seamless. I don’t differentiate between when I am speaking or when Amar is speaking (in sessions or during videos) as there is no separation. I share this background info because I know many of you have gotten to know me through my videos and so perhaps you haven’t ever read a post from TLO. Anyway, without further commentary from me, here is the latest update on What’s on tap for September!

You are currently in a corridor of preparation. The collective has chosen an accelerated timeline and everything has shifted. There are always many probable timelines available to you in any moment. There were several potential timelines beginning in September that would carry you through the rest of the year. It was always going to be a major milestone in the ascension process, it was just a matter of how rapidly it would occur.

The Lion’s Gate Portal of this year was a testing ground so to speak. Those of us who are tasked with monitoring the state of humanity to ensure that this process unfolds in the most compassionate way possible, were waiting to see how your planet would respond to the energies and in turn the effect that it would have on All That Is. The current astrological aspects are also in support of rapid expansion and growth. The two timelines that were the most likely for this period were both ones of continued ascension. However there was one that could be labeled more “intermediate” and one that was considered to be more “advanced” and accelerated.

You are ready for and have chosen the accelerated timeline. Surprisingly this was not the timeline that had the greatest probability of coming to the fore. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and how resiliently you were (as a collective) able to integrate these energies. You may be wondering who exactly chose the accelerated path? You did. Your choices made through your human experience as well as the choices from your higher selves and light teams all made the decision together to proceed on this timeline.

Those of us working behind the scenes of your experience have been moving quickly to prepare for the advanced timeline scenarios that are already unfolding. The ones who you would deem the “dark hats” have seen their power and control reduced dramatically much to their dismay. Those of you who are tasked with being way showers and guides, who are what we would consider to be of the First and Second Wave have expanded rapidly and moved well beyond our previous expectations. The Third Wave that is arriving at its peak in September is already being felt and received by many of you. This Third Wave of energy is in large part the reason for the acceleration. The effect of this wave will be tremendous and will awaken The Third Wave of those on the chosen path of Ascension. 

Consider for a moment an image of actors getting ready to go on stage for their opening night performance.  Suddenly the director calls the cast and crew together and says that there have been some script revisions, modifications to the set design, and some cast changes too. He says that everyone has an hour to make all of the necessary changes as opening night will go on as scheduled. You can imagine the flurry of activity that would occur! This is an apt analogy of what is currently happening.

What does this mean for your practical day to day lives? First it means that September and the rest of the year will see even more intense and rapid growth in all areas. It will, as always be relative to where you are at any given moment. Great care is consistently taken to ensure that you will never be pushed beyond the limits of what you can handle. However, consider that it will be like an athlete who has suddenly decided to move her training to something more along the lines of a high intensity workout. She will work within the acceptable limits of what she is capable of, but she will be pushing herself in all areas and will be putting her skills and abilities to the test. She will discover new limits and levels of endurance by going beyond what her mind and body thought she was previously capable of.

Secondly it means that for the next week or so, many of you may find your connections to your guides, higher selves and light teams will be different or “off”. You may also experience physical shifts and symptoms. This is no cause for concern and is temporary. Of course seek medical attention if you feel it is required. The rapid shift to this timeline has accelerated everything, including frequency upgrades and energy downloads. It is similar to when your computer needs a software update and briefly needs to go off line to reboot, download and update the information and restart. This will mean different things for all of you depending on where you stand. Andrew is already finding himself napping more frequently through out the day as often his sleep is not restful because he is quite active in dream state at night. As always, honor the needs of the emotional, physical, energetic, mental and spiritual selves. Check in frequently at these five levels of awareness to see what these different aspects require to be healthy, balanced, and thriving. We have guided Andrew to begin each day by checking in with these levels of self to see what is on the agenda for each of them. Also, checking in through out the day whenever he feels off, or stuck, or uncertain of how to proceed brings immediate clarity to the situation. As a result of this “reboot”, on the other side of August, many of you will see rapid shifts in your awareness, your connectedness, your abilities and your experience of what you perceive. It will be a very sudden, rapid, upgrade that will surprise many of you.

Thirdly it means that you may see plans suddenly changing. What you had previously perhaps planned to do next month may either happen much sooner, or will no longer be a viable option at all. You may find sudden shifts in relationships, living situations, jobs, geographical location, etc. that suddenly require your attention and awareness. Everything is always “planned” from your current energetic state at any given moment in time. When a big leap occurs in your current time/space position, subsequently everything that was to come shifts rapidly too. This often means that what was previously a high potentiality for manifestation as an experience becomes null and void. The best guidance we can give for the next few months is: Go with the flow!

Lastly, we would advise you to go into meditation, connect with your Higher Selves and your Light Teams and request that any previous downloads or integrations that have not been completed be processed at this time. The waves of energy that have been arriving at your planet and to yourselves beginning in September of last year have been some of the most powerful energies you have ever had access to while in human form. Often times your Higher Selves and Light Teams make the decision to hold off on certain updates to allow you time to rest and recover before the next integration. We wish for you to understand that there is very little if any time for rest in between the energies that are now beginning to arrive and that will continue on into 2017. This is no cause for alarm, this is actually quite an exciting development! You have all exceeded any previous projections of what you could handle and are well capable of handling this. 

It should be noted that many souls will leave the planet in the months to come through their own experience. This is always in line with their soul choices and the Divine Will. No one is ever subject to something “happening to them” that is outside of their sovereign choice. Many souls agreed to come live incarnate to hold space until the current timeline began to unfold allowing their energies to serve in support of the collective. Other souls knew that they would have a choice as to whether or not they would ascend at this time and held the option to make their decision once this timeline arrived and are making their decisions now. Still others simply knew that they would not be making the journey of ascension in this lifetime and chose to exit physicality prior to this shift. All of these choices are in alignment with what their soul has decided upon before they began this chapter of this physical experience.

Above all else, don’t feed the fears. The majority of humans on the planet at this time are still not consciously aware of what is occurring. They see the chaos and collapse around them and go into fear. They still seek direction and guidance from the mainstream sources of information, believing it to be honest and in integrity. They still cling to the hope that the institutions that tell them they have their best interests at heart are genuine in their intent. We ask you to hold compassion for them. We remind you that going into judgement of these souls and labeling them as perhaps less than those who are awake serves no good. If you have not grasped the basic concept that we are all in this together; that the collective is a body of which we are ALL a part, then you have a call to review your basic teachings of acceptance and Unity.

There is not one soul in all of creation that does not serve a purpose of moving towards the greater good for all within their current incarnation. You have no real way of knowing what another soul has chosen to experience for their own growth and evolution at this moment. Your place is not to judge or exclude others based upon the illusions of separation. Allow them space to have their own experience as you wish to be allowed space for your own. Certainly you don’t have to participate in their version of reality, but remember that they are sovereign just as you.

This will be an exciting finish to the year of 2016. It holds incredible experiences for you all.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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56 thoughts on “The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen

    • Excellent. All that is. Seth. I was called in by a “collective consciousness” to help Bernie Sanders. It was not pictorial, nor was it verbal, but I knew it was a calling and I responded. I am still doing the job I was sent in to do, along with millions of others, worldwide. I recognized the phrase “All that is” from the Seth books, to which I relate easily. I see this in what you have written also. Yes, I relate easily to all of this. Thank you. ??

  • OMG! Thank You Andrew and Thank You Lighted Ones for this beautiful message of our coming growth. The energy the last week has been really intense but so beautiful. Luckily i am finally learning to ground myself and helping another soul family member do the same. Have a blessed September and rest of 2016!

    Blessings, Love, Light, Hope and Peace,
    Jewelie Suzanne

  • This is wonderful. I love the higher meaning coming through. Let’s stay strong star family and enlighten and enliven hearts and minds until the collective of souls is all beauty and love. Thank you for getting this message to me.

  • Im very happy with this news and its not coincidence that i read this just after finished meditating.

    A few days before when i was meditating, i was asking the heavenly beings to have us choose the accelerated timeline for all of us and if that failed at least have me as my own perso al self choose the accelerated timeline if the mass consciouness were not ready or rufuse to be ready and here’ the main thing i wanted to say is that i asked them if there was something way better the the accelerated timeline like a far more accelerated version i want humanity to choose this or at least with their permission i would be in the far more accelerated timeline version than what was only shown to us as merely 2 options.

    What an incredible synchronicity that when i read this there indeed was a far more better choice and i hope at least if the entire humanity did not choose this then i wanted to be in that timeline for my own evolutionary advancement.

  • Thankx, The part that I cried in relief was “”Many souls agreed to come live incarnate to hold space until the current timeline began to unfold allowing their energies to serve in support of the collective.””
    I am turning 60 soon and have been awaiting this time for soooo long.
    It is complete now, the tipping point is here and the quickening is NOW.

  • Wow. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information and insight. Your updates have become invaluable to me and help to guide me. So thank you again, your work is really helpful and transformative. In love, Yanika

  • I have been following your posts for a while now and look forward and enjoy each and every one of them. This particular one though – I felt strongly called to share with you that it was as if ‘you’ were speaking directly to me. Your accounts of the energies, challenges/obstacles faced, and time frames of the ‘shifts’ – spot on! I feel as if words often fall short in many of ways as to what one really intends to convey – but nonetheless… I felt the need to share my strong connection to this posting .. thank you
    Love and light ..,
    Kelly (Stevenson) Grandlund
    Chandler, Arizona

  • Such an encouraging message! Ready over here for what may come next and will go with the flow! Loving all this, truly I am!

    Teaches me once again to trust my own little guidance team as they were sending me the same message. 🙂

    Thank you Andrew and The Lighted Ones!

  • Thank you, I am new to your info & it most certainly affirms my feelings the past few days…Truly appreciate you for your sharing from the Lighted Ones…

  • I was given a message last September that mid-month this year would be a pivotal point for all. So lovely to receive confirmation from guides and guardians other than my own, and looking forward to the new expanded and loving world we will share!

  • My life has often seemed the emotional equivalent of an Indiana Jones program. I was often overwhelmed and exhausted by all that happened to me. I finally concluded that I was the fool, in the pre-birth planning room, jumping up and down, waving her hand, and shouting, “Pick me! Pick me!” when the coaches came in with their clipboards and asked, “OK, who wants to volunteer to the accelerated soul growth program?” I mentioned this to Edgar Cayce’s grandson at a workshop that he gave. The idea of an “accelerate soul growth program” intrigued him, but he said that Edgar Cayce never mentioned that there was one. I was delighted to see this post mention an accelerated timeline. It helps me to feel that I got something right. 😉

  • Thank You Andrew 🙂

    Especially today amidst the rumours of war this message has helped to sense a new perspective … 🙂
    A Great and Inspiring Help 🙂 Thank You … 🙂

  • Thankyou so very much for this new exciting and educational writing.
    I grew up learning and experiencing so much spiruality from my parents(my Mamm has a group”level 18″ on fb.and shares your work(hence my knowledge of you?),and hope I’m am in tune as I feel. I loved the advice about judging others,i think (I hope!?)I’m naturally not a judgemental soul,but sometimes,without thinking,or with different groups of people,i find myself making judgement,and always ask forgiveness,and do spent time arguing with my self,trying to decipher whether i have been judgemental or just made a statement/made an observation or simply had an opinion! ….crazy?
    I had a couple of simple(?) questions,if you don’t mind,1) what is ‘ The Lions Gate Portal’ ….and 2) I know the great thing for us to do is live in the now, How do Teachers and spiritualists,like your self,manage to do that so well when you need to look forward,for the benefit of human kind?
    Thankyou so very much.
    Love & light,

    • The Lion’s Gate portal is an astrological alignment that occurs each year in late July/Early August. I recommend doing a search for info on it, as I am not super adept at astrology and would not give a great description. 🙂 I think that living in the moment and balancing that with looking towards the future is the great balancing act. I find that allowing myself to always come to the present moment when seeking guidance or insight and then moving to action from that place works for me. From a practical perspective, we still have human lives to live and choices to make. So it’s about not letting myself get carried away with anxiety about the future or stress about the past and just trusting that sometimes I have to hold faith that i’ll know what to do when the time comes. 🙂

  • synchronicities are part of my spiritual guidance in my day to day life . Thank you so much to confirm what i can feel since many months and weeks , increasing noticedly with complementary crucial dots , in multiple fields and even beliefs , time is playing with our senses in this period of big transformations … i’ m very grateful to discover more about what is going on , i’m an empath and i couldn’t keep this gift unuse for helping and warning others .. I DO believe we ‘re upgrading and we’ll discover or intensify what personal skills and gifts we can useful to share with the community …mutual love my friends and beautiful family ….

  • September of 2016 has been on the radar of a few of us for literally years, and our own superseers can’t be shown what will take place, mainly because if you see it, you create it, but something unquestionably huge will take place, even if just energetic. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a massive disclosure of something to do with the world management team. There is also the possibility of open contact with our selves from higher planes, such as UFOs landing on the White House Lawn. There is also the possibility of BOTH of these taking place, and even more. Other “channelers” see quakes coming. My assumption, and feeling, is that it is energetic, which itself might force a massive disclosure, which itself would create incredible energy because of the ripples rolling through the collective mind.

    The setback with this article, and perhaps this entire site, is the concept of Ascension. It’s a fanciful story. The true story is almost unimaginably larger, more beautiful, more mind-shattering than the popular concept of Ascension can even touch. This limited belief calls into question everything being channeled by any channeler who continues to believe in and therefore promulgate the Ascension Story, because false perception colors information, no matter how you look at it. What prompted me to write this note is that the selves we’re in touch with among those councils wouldn’t disagree with what is being said, though it’s a bit of story-telling.

    Andrew, you have a beautiful heart, and thanks for what you’re doing, but anybody reading this (Andrew included, of course! – smile), if you want to know what is REALLY happening on Earth and why, and why you’re actually here, and why Ascension as presently understood by most is actually just a story invented by those who seek to control, you might want to visit our beautiful family at and read about what’s really happening. You might want to do this because, know it or not, you are our family and many of you have been looking for this information for a while now.

    An example of what we’re doing: a group of us regularly consciously visits an upper octave 5th density plane/t as Ambassadors for a mutually designed project, and we train, for free, others to join us in this effort. We’re building a rainbow bridge between the worlds with our surface conscious minds, and the more doing it the more open and stable that rainbow bridge. The plane/t is huge, with four moons, and is tears-in-your-eyes beautiful. The council Andrew is in touch with would sit down face-to-face with us there, if we asked them to.

    I never do this, ever, a post like this. My way is to let people alone, to believe what they want to believe, as no belief has ever had any lasting effect on anything. Generally speaking, seekers haven’t awakened enough to accept, in balance, what we disclose, even the most expanded. I sense this group is actually hungry for it, and ready.

    Please forgive if anybody finds this post offensive or presumptuous.

    — Jason

    • Thanks for the post, Jason! It looks like you’re doing amazing work at your site. The intention behind the story you tell is clear and true and I feel connected to much of it. In the end, isn’t it all a story? In truth, all belief is limited. It is limited because it is all an expression outside of Source. By definition anything outside of The One is limited because that’s the whole point. Source seeks expansion through experience so it chooses to experience itself apart from itself which will always be limited.
      The truth is that none of us knows what is really going to happen. Even if the skies opened up tomorrow and our star family landed on the White House lawn (thank you for that visual! It gave me a good chuckle) we could ask 100 people what they witnessed and we would get 100 different answers. Each of them valid in their own way. If one answer is true, then all of them are true. It’s only relative to your perspective. All of creation is a way for Source to make itself manifest. So the tradition of story and metaphor and parable is the way that we do it. Story and metaphor strike our human hearts in a way that speaks our language of emotion. We are here having a human experience and the beauty of that experience is that we create through emotions. Spirit always speaks to us in the way we best understand. Belief is relative to one’s position and experience. The beautiful thing is that there is no such thing as an expert in anything. Even a being or energy that exists in a 12 dimensional frequency still has new levels of understanding to reach. The fractal is infinite. The story you tell of the rainbow bridge you’re building is beautiful too. I honor the work that you’re doing and the story you’re telling. At each new level of experience we all look back on what we at one time knew in our hearts to be true and see that it was only true then because it fit within the limits of our experience. When we expand beyond it we see that it served us in its way, but that we now have a new level of experience that brings a deeper level of understanding which in turn shifts what we perceive as true.
      I 100% agree with you that whatever occurs will be huge. It always starts as an energetic impulse and even if we can’t see it from the perspective of the human mind we will always feel it.
      I smile at your claim that for anyone “to find out what’s really going on” they should go to your site. The truth is that what’s really going on is all relative. And until the day when we merge back with The One, none of us fully knows what is really going on. That’s the eternal promise…the mystery of the unknown.
      I invite us all to join in helping one another and assisting one another in this experience. Rather than saying that one person is more right or has a truer truth than another, we can offer up our unique experience and trust that whomever needs it will find it. Anything that says “we are this and you are that” is really just spiritual ego at play. Ultimately it’s all just another chapter in the story of All That Is. <3 <3 <3

      • [sorry, Andrew, but I just figured out how the Reply button actually works, so this post was in the wrong spot.]
        Andrew, thanks for that, but what I mean by what’s REALLY going on is the 80,000 year old plan for Earth and how 500,000 million year old conflicts on the galactic level are going to be resolved through an evolutionary plan that doesn’t in fact include you, or anybody reading this, because everybody reading this has graduated WAY beyond the 3rd density experience millions of years ago. I’m not referring to what’s REALLY going on in September, at all, but what has been going on on Earth in this present 80,000 year old cycle. What we’re disclosing are all the practical elements on galactic management levels, who are either us or people a lot like us, so that everybody reading it can find out with precision what they’re doing and why, and how they fit in. Everybody reading this is here to HELP the 3Ders to their next cycle, which is the 4th density step. We’re not giving a perspective, or a belief. We’re just disclosing what the actual plan is. The site goes into excruciating detail on what that is, how we, the volunteers, fit in, and the fact that every single person reading this is simply going to go home to their home (4th, 5th or 6th density) world once this is done here, meaning once we have finished assisting assisting the 3rd density evolutioners to their next step, which is how it has ALWAYS been done.

        Should anybody like to find out what is really going on and why, is an excellent and straightforward compendium for that information.

        • And I love you even more for doing what you do. 🙂 Thanks for the clarification, Jason! It’s an amazing time we are experiencing. Pardon my passionate and perhaps defensive response. I get very fatherly when it comes to protecting those who are perhaps just waking up to the truth. Fear is such an ingrained response in so many and I do my level best to present information that allows them to choose a clear alternative. Ever onward! <3 <3 <3

  • Our connection/ source/ is very simplistic when we “see” with clear presence . We simply all have different timelines to the “one” Home is when The IAM source/ God merges with Body/ presence. There is no suffering/ pain / loss/ even though we “observe” these experiences, even grief in the faster octaves is bliss/ blessing. When we can just BE, all and everything/ becomes nothing / and no matter ‘the story”, we acknowledge the illusion, and simply ❤️❤️❤️ In all different time lines (Karmic ties gone) .Feeling Intelligence is truly what we chose in all moments, as yes we are already ‘ home”. Gratitude for it all is the key/ and ❤️Is the door. Besides I am you and you are me and I see you! Heart to heart Robyn. Guide/ Wayshower of the light and all its dimensions from 3D to 32D ❤️??

    • Robyn, you would LOVE what we’re doing at The Superbeings – In fact, I’m trying to help a new member to understand the concepts you just so succinctly put, and I told him there are people everywhere waking up to the fact that on the “faster octaves” “evil” and “good” are the same thing. If you don’t mind, I’d like to quote your post.

  • Wow Andrew literally just stumbled upon this but it resonated so strongly with me! This is something I have been feeling within myself for a while now and so great that others feel it too. Compassion is a huge part of my life and I fully intend to show everyone as much compassion as i can. We ARE all in this together and its our unity that makes us incredibly strong and powerful. Can’t wait to read more!

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