The End of History

When we look back on this period we’re going to see how it was the end of history. A history of control, division, and manipulation. Humanity is awakening on a global scale and things are never going to be the same again. We’re not going to go back to “normal”. At least not in the way the mind wants, but we are going back to natural. Our natural way of being. A way of living that doesn’t require an unsustainable amount of effort and output from us just to get by. A way of being where we live in harmony with nature, not in spite of it. A way of being where everyone gets a seat at the table and where a dignified life isn’t something you have to struggle for. A way of life where your passion CAN and be a part of your everyday experience, not just on the weekends or after 5PM. A way of life where our efforts and work don’t just support the ever growing divide between the haves and the have nots. A way of life where we know and live the truth that if it’s not good for everyone, it’s not good for anyone.

I’m not a religious person, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the bible verse “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”. To me the “meek” are those who choose Love over force. Who choose Sovereign Authority over the temporary, finite power of man. The meek are those who know there is strength in vulnerability, and who understand that the heart offers a strength far greater than anything the limited human mind can perceive. The meek know that the mind is a terrible tyrant when in charge, but when it lives in service of the vision of the heart, that’s when things truly become magical. In our true state, Love, compassion, dignity, truth, and integrity are the ways by which we first measure ourselves. Knowing that truth is never found outside of us. That the external is only ever a reflection of what we hold up as true on an internal level. The only things that ever fall apart are the things that aren’t energetically supported any more.

The collapse of our external world (while often scary and overwhelming) is only pointing us to a deeper, internal truth. We, as powerful Sovereign Creators have withdrawn our support from the world of history, and because of this, it can no longer stand. When we look around and see collapse, our instinct is to desperately try and resuscitate it. The mind goes into panic because the familiar is all it understands. The mind is terrified of the unknown because it has no frame of reference. However the heart knows. It always knows. In times of collapse, it prompts us to turn within. When the external falls apart it is ALWAYS a call from the soul, our deepest, purest, level of being to begin again.

The call we are hearing now, is “what kind of world do you want to create”? “What kind of world do you want to gift to future generations”? “What feelings, energies, and emotions do you want to be the framework for what you build next?” This way of life is not impossible, only forgotten. Long covered up by those who sought control. Their time is over and now it’s up to us, The Meek, to inherit the Earth. This time of chaos, the period of separation and isolation is necessary to build the new.

During an awakening, it ALWAYS looks to be getting worse before it gets better. That’s because as we reorient form outwardly focused, to inwardly directed, the old must fully collapse so that the energetic resources that have been used in support of it can be freed to now be redirected into building the new. As the chaos parade continues, don’t believe the hype. We are currently on the bridge from the old to the new. When you’re on the bridge, things never make sense, and that’s ok. What the bridge offers you is a time to go within, to listen to the stirrings of your soul , to identify what YOUR Truth is. Because, only you know what truth feels like. As you identify that, you begin to create what you want from the inside out. That’s how it works. It’s basic physics: you get back what you put out. It’s not magical thinking, it’s the way our reality is built.

So choose what you want to see, and put it into practice in your life, starting NOW. Connect with who and what you Love, and share that Love with the world. Rediscover what lights you up inside, and share that light with another. Put yourself in the shoes of those you see in pain, and ask “what would I want if I were in their position?” Underneath it all, we all want the same things, to be seen, to be heard, to be safe, to be loved. Find a way to acknowledge the good that is always present and nurture that staring now. When you are faced with the fear and anxiety of a projected outcome, ask yourself “how ELSE can this play out? What ELSE is possible here?”

We won’t be handed this golden future, but we ARE currently being given the OPPORTUNITY to create it. The only place possibility and potential exist is in the unknown. So open your heart, practice radical vulnerability and compassion, and dive into the unknown. It’s nothing to be afraid of. The only thing you’ll meet there is yourSelf. The future belongs to those who dream it into form. So, meek ones, unclench your hands from grasping and reaching to open and receiving and get ready to inherit the Earth. This is why we came here, to put Love into action in a way we’ve never done before. But it must start with you, it must live in your heart before it can manifest in form. That’s the truth, and it’s the most natural thing in the world.

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