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Andrew Martin Energy“Create a bigger container”. That’s what I heard very clearly as my awareness came back to my body. Salt baths are one of my favorite ways to connect with my light team. I use a healthy dose of epsom salts and from time to time I’ll add some essential oils and a crystal or two. I’ve come to think of them as an incubator of sorts. During my salt baths I often do a lot of communicating with my guides. I always set the intention (well actually it’s a standing intention I have with them) before a salt bath that it’s an opportunity for me to really open up my energy field and connect deeply. It’s a time where I can receive info and downloads and integrate anything that’s still working. So, on this past Friday as I was coming back to my body and waking up, I heard very clearly “Create a bigger container”.

Of course my mind immediately latched onto this phrase and began trying to extract some logical, rational, intel. As always, it was looking for the direct instruction of what it/I should be “doing”. And, as always, I  tapped into the subtle truth that initially the suggestion to “create a bigger container” had nothing to do with doing, but was more about being with that idea.

What does a bigger container feel like? What’s the essence of it? What subtle impulses and geometries are present within the being of it? Recently I have started a practice inspired by a guy I follow on Instagram that I have dubbed “art journaling”. I bought a sketch book and have combined meditation, hands on creativity, and my journaling practices all into one. So, I sat down and started to draw the words “Bigger Container”. Knowing that (like every download I receive) this insight would reveal itself in due time. My job is to simply be present with the message and the energies it carries and observe it as it unboxes itself. Over the next two days I ruminated, and doodled, and sketched. Every time the phrase “create a bigger container” would move through my thoughts, I would watch, and feel, and be present with it. It began to root into my thoughts and eventually it became a question. What would my life look and feel like if I expanded the container? Are there still limitations that can be pushed through? When I meditate on the idea of expanding my life, what areas immediately come up into my awareness? Where have I unknowingly (or knowingly) settled for less than I can have?

2018 pushed us all way past the threshold of the known zone and it seems we were gearing up for some big strides this year. My Energy Transmission for 2019 touched on much of this. This year is about forward motion in our physical experience. 2019 moves us from the inner realm of deep shadow work into the external world or forward progression. Standing rooted in our truth feels vibrant and vital. Creating from a place of illusion (lack, fear, old programs, etc) feels dull, lifeless, and stops us in our tracks almost instantaneously.

On Sunday we met for the January Energy Gathering and I surmised that much of what we were going to be working with was centered around creating a bigger container for ourselves and our lives this upcoming year. Sunday morning, I took a moment to tune in and connect before the Energy Gathering and some whopper energy started to flow it. The energy gatherings since the 11/11 Portal in November have been anything but predictable. The energy has shown up in ways that I have never experienced in this life. The energy on Sunday felt clear, pure, and endless. It buzzed and vibrated with a giddy excitement. I was taken to a field of potential that took my breath away. As far as I could perceive, it went out in every direction, and I could see no end to what was possible. I kept expanding and expanding further and further and still I sensed no limit to this field of energy. I asked for more info and very clearly heard “this is the expansion timeline”.  There wasn’t much more info than that, but my curiosity was definitely piqued! 

Even though I was bursting at the seams with the desire to know more about this and wanted nothing more than to hang out in meditation and learn as much as I could, it was time for me to log on and start the Energy Gathering. As always, Spirit had more in store. Generally, the Energy Gatherings are 60 minutes long. When I was planning the January Energy Gathering a few weeks ago, I got the nudge to make this one 90 minutes long so that we could have some discussion time. It’s been quite a few months since I included time for Q&A, but I trusted the nudge and set it up to include time for discussion. Now it made sense as to why; we had some exploring of the Expansion Timeline to do!

The discussion portion of the Energy Gathering brought in more clarity around the topic. There was a lot that was touched on and I have shared some of the highlights below. Honestly I don’t remember much of what comes through when I am channeling, but here are a few points that I gleaned from listening to the replay of the event.

  • There are some questions to ask relative to the Expansion Timeline: What else is possible? What else am I capable of? How much bigger or brighter or more empowered can I be? If I am looking at my current life from the perspective of its container, where is the ceiling and where are the walls
  • Take the biggest dream you have for your life (or area of your life) and begin to understand that that can be the staring point. The biggest goal you have for you life, can in fact be the foundation, it can be the starting point. It doesn’t have to be the destination.
  • For the next two months we have ZERO planets in retrograde. This is a very powerful aspect of our experience currently. These first two months of the year are like a slingshot for the momentum we are building this year.
  • Where you are is exactly where you need to be. The Expansion Timeline isn’t about second guessing where you are. 2018 was a year where we shattered ourselves, including our limitations. The past year (and your willingness to work through whatever came up for you) brought you to new ground. Now we receive a massive boost from this energy. It’s like a power-up in a video game. It’s an enhancement.
  • Imagine cooking an amazing meal and suddenly discovering an ingredient that intensifies the deliciousness of all the flavors. Imagine walking into a room that is highly oxygenated. Colors look brighter, your senses are heightened and your awareness is sharper. This boost of energy that is guiding us to the March Equinox levels up our experience in all ways.
  • After the year that we have been though, it would be so easy to settle. To settle for “I just don’t want to be so exhausted all of the time” or “I would be happy for things to be even 50% easier than they were last year”. The analogy I was given was to imagine that you’ve not eaten in several days. When your hunger is at its peak it would be really easy to settle for a plate of someone else’s leftovers. A crust of day old bread and a half eaten piece of chicken would no doubt satisfy your hunger. Yet if you were given the opportunity to have whatever you wanted, is that what you would choose? What if instead of accepting leftovers, you could say “Thank you for the offering of this half eaten food, but what I would REALLY Love is…”
  • This year is about stopping to ask “Is this all I can have, and is it really what I want”? If the answer is “no”, then tapping into the energy of this Expansion Timeline via your curiosity of “what else is possible here” will open up new layers of manifestation.
  • No matter what, this is not the time to settle back into old habits and patterns. After the depletion of 2018, we are free from so much. We have liberated ourselves and it makes sense that we would go back to what we know out of a desire for the familiar. Allow yourself to be fully present in each moment and remember to ask as often as possible “is this way the highest/easiest/most joyful etc way that this can happen”?

This year offers us a chance to really get clear of what is correct for us in each and every moment. All of our tools, and methods, and abilities are upgraded simply by allowing the gift of “what if” to be actively used in our manifestation. You don’t need to do anything to access this frequency, aside from simply allowing it to show you what is also possible. You simply have to remember to stop and entertain the possibilities!
There was so much more energy and information around the Expansion Timeline that came through in the Energy Gathering. If you’re interested in exploring it further you can download the replay here: 

I am offering a four part Energy Gathering for February where we will actively explore and work with this energy weekly. You can register for that here: THE EXPANSION TIMELINE –

The beginning of the year is always such an exciting time. To watch as things unfold and take new shapes and forms is always a thrill. It also feels a bit like being a detective and taking all of the clues we receive and beginning to piece them together to see a bigger picture.

Here’s to exploring just how fantastic things can be this year! Happy 2019!



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  • Thank you Andrew. As usual you inspire me and ease my worries, it was a difficult year last year. Now new beginnings and possibilities are hopefully about to pop up. I’m still nervous… But your insights help always. Xx

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