The Love is Here

yellow heartWe come to you today to speak about the Love that is here for you. As we have spoken about before, Love is, in the end the only thing that lasts. All that is built from Love with Love and through Love is eternal. All else is but illusion. However, it can be an interesting exercise to begin to use Love as the measurement for all. Even when you find a situation bringing out lower vibrational energies in you or in another, it is only a measurement of how much room there is for more Love.
Of course the Love that is here for you now, has always been here for you. The stream of never-ending, unconditional, boundless, eternal, Love that flows to all of you is your divine birth right.
The events of the past few decades and especially the past few years and even more intensely the past few months have all been designed to allow you to anchor even greater amounts of Love and Light within you and on the planet Earth.

We know that the past few weeks have been quite trying for many of you. There have been times when in the midst of a great emotional outburst, our Scribe, our Brother, our Friend has said “What the hell is this? This doesn’t feel like Love!” And we remind you with great respect and compassion, that when you feel a lower vibrational emotion or energy emerging within you it is only because it needs Love to be transformed.

Love is the great alchemic force which will transform all within you. When an old thought or pattern or belief arises within you that feels low or tangled or is unwanted, it is only coming to you so that you can show it Love. Once you allow these old ways of viewing yourself, others and your place in the world to arise and you acknowledge them and release them with Love they immediately allow more room for Love and Light to flood into you. When you confront a thought or a pattern or an idea that you thought was long gone, you may find yourself proclaiming “not this again!!” (laughter)

We understand Dear Ones that when you engage these old ideas and beliefs with your rational mind, that they may seem very tedious and tiring. Your mind may instantly go into panic mode thinking that the return of these thoughts means that you are once again locked into a lower way of living. However, when you see your life through the filter of your Heart, you will only see that your Love and compassion for yourself allows these beliefs to continue to be refined, purified and transformed. Your logical mind only knows what it has encountered before…so it will always look to your past experience to know how to process or categorize information. If you have had a struggle in the past with behaviors or thoughts and they arise again, your logical mind will automatically assume that the struggle has returned. However this is not the case.

For you now have consciously begun to access that endless supply of Love that is always here for you. Now you can look at these perceived issues with a new set of eyes and an expanded understanding. No longer must you choose to struggle and to become entangled, now you can choose to stay centered in your Love to stay aligned with your true nature and see that nothing, and we mean No-Thing can shake you from your core alignment with Love unless you allow it.

We invite you to begin to see the things in your life that you have previously categorized as problems or trouble as nothing more than another opportunity to strengthen your alignment with Love. Do you hear us, Dear Ones? We want you to know that anything that you may have previously judged as a problem or as trouble is nothing more than another opportunity for you to choose Love. This is what is meant by “turn the other cheek”. This is what the great Masters of your history all strove to show you, was that when you choose Love above all else, all else will be transformed by Love. Now this is not to say that you must subject yourself to unnecessary abuse or insults or that you must willingly engage with those who wish you harm. On the contrary! Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is avoid those who you know will only try to drag your vibration down. Self Love is crucial for you at this time. It is perfectly within the definition of Love to see that while someone may be an aspect of the Divine, it doesn’t mean that you must spend time with them! (Laughter) You can acknowledge the divinity within another from across the street or across a crowded room without having to speak to them directly! (more laughter)

The choice is, as it has always been, entirely up to you. You are not here to save the world or to save the planet. You are here to follow what makes your heart sing and your spirit soar, and that is what will save the planet!
For some of you, your work may reach millions and for some of you your impact may be one on one. There is no better or worse, there is no more or less important, there is no bigger or smaller…there is only measurements and increments of Love. And yet, this is the paradox…Love is Love is Love. We remind you that all is of a fractal nature and the vibration of Love is the same regardless of how much your rational mind can say is present in any situation.
The events of the past month have moved many of you to new places within your hearts and within your lives. Many of you have experienced great shifts in and around your selves and your lives. Many souls have chosen at these times to move on from an Earthly incarnation and transform. We know that this has been physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically trying on you. However, we invite you once again to look at where you were even a month ago. Your capacity to choose Love in any moment has grown exponentially.

The choice to ask “what does my Heart want, what would Love do” has become your default approach for many of you. The old things that used to bother you or get under your skin now seem to be but faded memories and you are able to laugh at the way you used to view yourself and the world. This process will only continue Dear Ones. It is like the tides of the great ocean. There will be times when it is peaceful and still and there will be times when it seems to rage large and impossible. Just know and trust that when you choose to act from Love, when you choose to live and create and do and be from Love it will always take you higher. Love is why we are here. Love is why you are here. Love is why any and all of this exists.
Every thing and event and person and place and choice and thought and idea and pattern and action is only ever an act of Love or an opportunity for Love.

Choose Love. Use Love. Be grateful for the opportunity to find more Love, to allow more Love and to spread more Love. When you do this, you will feel your heart open in ways that once seemed far out of reach, and we promise you that in a time in the not too distant future, you will once again have the opportunity to reflect back on your history and see how far you have come.
We love you, we honor you, and we are so very proud of you.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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