The Manifestation Trap

This conversation was so lit we literally moved the earth! 😅
Ok, OK. I admit the title is a bit provocative. However, I really do feel like we’ve gotten our ideas about “manifesting” a little tangled up. I don’t necessarily have the answers, but it’s an important conversation to have. This is only the beginning!


2 thoughts on “The Manifestation Trap

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! It is a trap indeed.

    Finally somebody who is saying what I have been feeling for some years now.
    “Manifesting” is becoming part of the “old energies” (3D). With the new energies that are coming in, the form in which we create our reality is changing…which is why the old form no longer works as we are finding out how to co-create with the new.

    We co-create our reality. Everything we desire already exists in the quantum field and can be mirrored back to us.

    We need to be very aware of the beliefs we align with, the frequencies we resonate with, as this will bring forth that reality to us. The intent behind our endeavors in order to bring forth our desired reality is also key.

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