This Grand Collision

Andrew Martin EnergyThere is a collision of sorts occurring at the moment. The intersection of your selves is causing many to experience what could best be described as a rift. This is the meeting of the life that you thought you were supposed to have/want and the life that is really meant for you. When we speak of this “life that is really meant for you”, we are talking about your purpose, yes, but not only in the sense that you think. When we speak of purpose, so often people assume we mean the lofty aspirations of “What they are supposed to do with their life”. This is part of what we mean, but there is a simpler meaning to the idea of purpose as well. When we speak of purpose we also are speaking of the simple choices you make every day. What thoughts and emotions do you claim as your own? What narrative do you plug into and begin to act out when you get out of bed in the morning? What stories are currently active within you that you believe to be true? Who’s idea of a life are you living out? Is it the version that was handed to you by your family, culture, or religion? Is the life you are living one that feels like you? Your purpose is to discover the truth of who you are and decide how you will embody that. All of these questions lead you in the direction of your truth. The truth is the key.

This collision is the meeting of the manufactured/false/self (the self that the ego has largely created) and the Soul Self. We will again state that life is not a linear experience. It is not a journey from A to Z. You are multidimensional beings who weave yourselves in and out of levels of consciousness every second. You move in and out of layers of reality with great ease, but most of you are unaware of it. You call it sleep, or dream state. You call it letting your mind wander or day dreaming. You find yourself suddenly having arrived in your driveway at home with no recollection of how you got there. Science has come up with some very clever ways of explaining these experiences, but very few of them even come close to hitting the mark of what is really happening. Quite simply, you have been visiting other versions of self. You have been meeting with other extensions of your consciousness, learning things that have long been consciously withheld from the awareness of your presently incarnated self.

With the total eclipse that occurred in August of last year you began the massive process of bringing all of this intel and insight back to your current level of awareness. This changed everything. It was the process of  beginning to anchor Heaven on Earth.

Imagine that you left home as a young adult, striking out on your journey to seek your fortune and find yourself. You couldn’t wait to leave the comfort of the home you were raised in to explore the world. To leave behind the life you were born into, so that you could learn your own way and cultivate your own interests and preferences. You learned so many amazing things and had such beautiful experiences on your journey. Breathtaking beauty and grace. Astounding clarity and revelation. There was also loss and heartbreak; fear and chaos. Yet all of it served to reveal to you the true nature of who you are.

Now you have returned home from your journey, wiser and more experienced. And guess what? Your old life is still there. Like a time capsule of a former you, everything is the way you left it. Many of the old expectations and projections of those who raised you are there. Many of the old fears and insecurities you thought you had left behind are still there too. As you re-encounter these long lost versions of yourself the collision begins. 

It can be unsettling to see the ways of your old self re-emerge. Many of you find yourself angry, scared, and depressed. You think “Oh NO! Not THIS again”! We see your frustration, but this experience gives you an unprecedented opportunity. It is in many ways similar to the life review that many souls encounter after they transition from one incarnation to another. Only this time you don’t have to go through the death experience to experience it. Now you stand face to face with the you that was once the only self you knew. For many of you this triggers your “seeking in order to solve” mode. You pounce on your discomfort trying to find the answer so you can rid yourself of it once and for all. This moment in your story isn’t about finding the answer. You already have the answer. This chapter is about asking new questions. This chapter is about observing with tremendous compassion and love for yourself. As you stand face to face with the old you, you are given a glorious gift. Imagine wandering the places you used to visit. Imagine revisiting the old room you grew up in. Many of those things would make you laugh, cry, and even cringe in discomfort. Yet, all of them were once you. At least you believed they were.

How do you engage this old self? With love? With compassion? With judgement and shame? As you revisit this old landscape, you may be surprised that it’s not as bad as you once thought it to be. With your newly expanded perspective, some of those old ways might seem quaint and outdated. Yet others will intrigue you and prove to be worthwhile still.

Let us be clear, this is not about second guessing your choices. No doubt, you will see that most of your choices as to the changes you have made were the correct choice. Yet, if you allow it, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. This collision will uncover even more delightful treasures for you. It will also unmask many things that will seem shocking and impossible.

Underneath it all, is your connection to your truth. The truth you have been tenaciously uncovering on your journey to your other selves. This truth will serve you greatly in the coming months. Remember all that you learned on your journeys to your other selves. You have integrated astounding amounts of information. Much more than any of you realize. We are very excited to watch as you discover these things. The rest of your year is shaping up to be quite an adventure. But the adventure is what you came for, isn’t it? 


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