The Transformation of 2016 and Beyond

the lighted onesWhat a crazy time we are living in.
A time fraught with so many emotions on a hair-trigger.
A time of uncertainty where we often feel like we are standing in the middle of a mine field with no idea of the safe path out.
Yet, we also stand on the threshold of an amazing opportunity.
Believe it or not, there is a method to and a context for the madness.

Humanity is on the verge of a huge leap in our consciousness and in our ability to actively create the reality we want to experience.
The cracks are showing in the old illusion.
From the US elections, to Brexit, to financial and governmental systems in collapse and scandal after scandal being revealed. They all represent the internal revolutions that are stirring in the hearts of many. The outer always mirrors the inner.

We have been handed the keys to our experience and now we get to decide who and what is going to drive that experience.
Is it us? Are we ready to claim our power?
Or are we going to hand it over again?

I know without question that we create our own reality. First on an individual level and then in turn on a collective one. The state from which we create brings us the outcome we experience.
When we choose fear, anger, and division, those elements will be the fabric from which our experience is woven.
We are beginning to see that a choice created from fear or anger only perpetuates more fear and anger.

There will be many people calling for healing over the coming weeks.
I understand the intention behind this call and on many levels I agree with it.
However, to me healing implies that the previous state is more desirable than the current one.
Like a broken arm.
It was better when it was unbroken.
Often times in life, there comes a point when we must accept that what is currently before us is beyond repair.
This is one of those points.

We don’t need just to be healed, because we are ready to be transformed.
To transform ourselves first and in turn transform the world in which we live.
Transformation says that it’s time to move beyond what we have known and build something new.

Our political systems? Broken.
Our financial systems? Broken.
Our Education systems? Broken.
Our justice, healthcare and social systems?
Our relationships with each other and ourselves?

We have been fed a steady diet of fear, division and separation.
We are strung out on anxiety and over stimulated on manufactured panic.
We have been convinced that the responsibility, the fault and the blame is to be placed “over there” in “their hands”. That it’s “those people” who are responsible.
After the dust settles, we still all live on the same planet, in the same neighborhoods and cities.
Divided by borders that don’t really exist except on some map that was drawn eons ago by someone you don’t even know.
It’s time to nurse ourselves through recovery from the addiction to the drama.
it’s time to unplug from the systems that were designed to keep us separate.
The systems that thrive on pitting us against one another.
It’s time to walk towards building a reality that gives us all a place at the table.

So how do we do that?
What we require for change is always present right here right now.

All great accomplishments have a few things in common.
They start small.
They take dedication.
They start now.

So stop and take a breath.
The buildup to this moment has been intense, so find compassion for yourself and allow yourself the emotional release you need.
Turn off the TV, put your phone down and take a long walk.
Or a hot bath.
Call the people you love and who love you.
Mend fences and offer olive branches.
Cry it out, hug it out, scream it out. It’s been a long road up the mountain and you’re tired.
You’re angry and scared.
It’s ok.
Just remember these feelings are temporary.
Before you respond or hit “send” count to 10.
Or 100.
Keep breathing.
Remember that ultimately fear is the illusion. A fear response is not evidence that there is actually something to fear. It is only a combination of chemical and physical responses created in reply to a script in your head.
Begin to examine and observe that script. How can you begin to re-write it?
Do your best to avoid terrorizing yourself with doomsday scenarios.
Do your best to avoid seeking out information and stories and reports that tie you up in knots.
Paint, dance, draw, sing.
Cry, laugh, scream and shout.
Remind yourself that the people you loved yesterday are still the same people today.
Remind yourself that the experiences which brought you joy are still available to you now.
Find your center again.
Keep breathing.
Decide that your peace of mind, your equilibrium and your inner transformation must move to the top of your list.
Decide that you’re going to let them stay there.
Do something each day to honor that.
Decide that before you take action and make choices, that you will allow yourself to do so from a balanced place.
Choose compassion and truth. Even when they are difficult choices to make.
Especially when they are difficult choices to make.
Remember kindness.
Claim responsibility and accountability for your life and for your actions.
Remember the truth of who you are.
The real truth.
Not the truth you think others expect of you. Not the truth you’ve been sold.
The truth that only you know.
Allow that truth to call you forward.
Do an exhaustive inventory of your beliefs and discard the ones that don’t ring true anymore.
Begin to question yourself in every moment:
What is real, right now?
What is true, right now?
Where is my joy, right now?
Where is my clarity, right now?
What is driving me emotionally, right now?
Find ways to access and be in the present moment.
Stay there.
That’s all there ever is anyway.
When you find yourself spinning out, realize it.
Remember your truth, forgive yourself and keep breathing.
Find your center again.
Feel your way through situations at least as often as you think your way through them.
Begin to redirect your queries from your head to your heart.
Serve others in whatever way you can.
Be brave and make choices that feel right in your heart even if on paper they seem insane.
Trust yourself.
Share when you can.
Ask for help when you don’t have enough.
Don’t deny your feelings.
Feel them. Remember that you get to decide if they command you or not.
Feel those feelings, let them grow and erupt. Let them subside and then take action.
Feel those feelings and then ask yourself:
How can I transform this?
How can I help?
How can I serve?
Consider that maybe it’s not so much about What else can you do? But more How else can you be?
Remember that you don’t have the constitutional right to never be offended.
Remember that someone else doesn’t have to be wrong in order for you to be right.
Remember that there are no guarantees that it will always be easy, convenient or comfortable.
Remember that it starts now.
Remember that it starts with you.
If not now, when?
If not you, who?

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  • Thank you Andrew! I have been accessing your blog everyday hoping that you have written a little something for inspiration. I am grateful. I live in Seattle under the blue bubble, and I am determined to help and volunteer locally for some charity, to lift my spirits and hopefully be a positive force. I prefer to transform

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