Update on March 2019

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop on to share what’s been going on lately. The March energies are still moving and shaking, stirring up a LOT of stuff! Stillness, Self care, and Surrender are the keys for the next couple of weeks. Vulnerability is a super power. Let your truth be known. Let it be heard. Let it be felt. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tell everyone about it all. It really is an invitation to open to yourself. To accept your truth from the deepest part of yourself. To be with yourself in deep stillness. To feel and listen and know, that’s the greatest gift you can give yourself right now. Andrew Martin Energy
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One thought on “Update on March 2019”

  • I love this. I went through something similar recently. The wave of highs and lows is becoming more spread out, but now when I have an emotional breakdown and release it is a lot more intense. The clarity that follows always pulls me back into a space of rejuvination giving me the courage to forge ahead. Your analogy about the struggle blanket is awesome xoxo. So true. Blind faith and forward movement are all we can do. Thank you for being my reflection.

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