What if For Today

andrew martinWhat if for today, you loved your self no matter what? What if for today, you stopped judging yourself and trusted that you are always doing the best you can from where you stand? What if for today, you believed that whatever it is that you long to be, on some level you already are?
What if for today, you stopped worrying so much about what other people were thinking and doing and realized that the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself? What if for today, you remembered that all of the parts of yourself that you find so difficult to look at are only showing up asking for your time and attention?
What if for today, you decided to honor the truth of who you really are? Eternal, loving, bright, shimmering, powerful, and miraculous. What if for today, you let yourself off of the hook, forgave yourself for all the things you think are wrong with you and accepted yourself unconditionally where you are right now?
What if for today, you told a new story? A story where you are the best version of yourself that you have ever been? A story where you are thriving and vibrant and in love with the life you have created? What if for today, you chose to believe the good stuff instead of everything else? What if for today, you remembered that you always have a choice and decided to make a new one?
Don’t worry about tomorrow, and let yesterday go. Just ask yourself in each moment, What if, for today?

One thought on “What if For Today”

  • Wow, I really needed to read this right now! Im sitting by a lake in Denver, watching the sunset and doing some deep breathing and focusing on letting go of the events of the week, which have been rather stressful! My teenage daughter, being one of the elements;/. I check to see if you had any new videos posted (since I know you’re in London currently), and decided to read through blogs. I came across this one, and I feel so happy. it’s exactly what I needed to hear. All day I’ve been going over things in my head that I’ve said that others have said regarding parenting issues and whatnot, and basically worrying what other people think about my choices. Reading this brought a breath of levity and love into my heart and I just want to thank you!! I discovered you recently after your interview with Lisa Harrison and I’ve watched a lot of your updates since then. I love your candor, energy (and your hand tattoos) humor, and your strong sense of yourself!
    Lots of love,

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