The Winding Path of the Heart

The heart wants what it wants and is under no obligation to make sense to our ego mind. So far August is living up to the promise of abrupt endings, beginnings, plot twists, timeline jumping and benevolent chaos. I’m sharing some personal changes in this one. The path of the heart is almost never a straight line…it’s often winding and circuitous. We do ourselves a huge service when we learn how to trust it, even when we don’t have the “why” or the “how” and seem only to have a “WTF”.



2 thoughts on “The Winding Path of the Heart

  • Andrew, this is brilliant!! Thank you so much for sharing your own process. I find it immensely helpful to understand the concepts you are sharing. I especially loved: “Breathing life into a new timeline is as simple as changing your mind.” Yes! I got it! Thank you! ❤️

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