You Are Us and We Are You

branchesIf you were to embark on a backpacking trip around the world, you would most likely seek the counsel of those who had done this sort of trip before. You would most likely read blogs and books and manuals and maps. You would most likely go to the sporting goods store to purchase supplies and tools to support you on your journey. That is the closest we can come to illustrating that which we are tasked with doing for you and with you. It is, as always, entirely up to you what assistance you accept.

However, you never have to do it entirely on your own if you do not wish to. There is an endless supply of support available to you and all you have to do is ask and it will be provided. If you choose to accept the assistance, then it is yours…even if you choose not to accept it, it is always available to you. At this point in your unfoldment, the only thing that is making your journey difficult is your resistance to accepting the Love and support available to you. However, even if you resist it, it is still there for you. That is the paradox of free will in a time such as this. The choice to accept help and guidance is yours, and even if you refuse it for a thousand lifetimes, the guidance will still be there waiting. That is the meaning of unconditional. It is there for all who wish to accept it, and even those who resist it will still have instant access to it as soon as they choose to accept it.

However, the biggest point we wish to illuminate for you here is to dismantle this old, outdated concept that you are less than that which we are. For centuries you have been taught that you are lower than or less than that to which you aspire to be. You have been wrongly told that you must suffer and practice penance or beg for mercy and forgiveness to receive the grace of the higher realms and dimensions.

While we understand this misconception and do not point any fingers at those who perpetuate this illusion…we are here to say simply that you are all aspects of that which we are an aspect of. That is to say that we are all fruit on the same vine, we are all facets on the same gem and we are all aspects of the same Creation. You do not need our permission, you do not need the permission of anyone or anything to access the powers of creation that have been uncovered for you. Certainly over lifetimes of forgetting and lifetimes of misinformation it is understandable that you may defer to us to help show you the way or to illuminate long hidden truths. However, now the curtain has been pulled back, the veils have fallen and you now stand in a place where you are shoulder to shoulder with those of us who come to you from higher or hidden dimensions.

You do not need permission to exercise your powers of creation. You only need accept them and begin to use them consciously again. Of course when you need assistance or guidance you may ask for it, but you are not lowly. You are not below. You are with us and we are with you. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all in this together with the same goal in mind. As you may in your life find yourself from time to time entering a new phase that seems unknown or foreign to you, of course it makes sense that you would ask for help and for assistance. However, do not make the mistake of assuming that those from whom you ask assistance are somehow better or more powerful than you are. They are merely more experienced and may have access to wisdom that will make your journey easier.

This is the point of this journey Dear Ones…it is for all of us to remember that we are all connected. We are all the same stuff, we are all made of stars. We encourage you to release the old idea that you are broken. That you are less than, that you are incapable of creating for yourselves that which you long to see. In short, when you desire something or when you need something, simply go within and ask for it much like you would ask for it from a co-worker or a peer. If you work in an office and a certain department is responsible for producing a report that you need, you would simply send a request for that report. You would not have to crawl on hands and knees or genuflect to have your request fulfilled. Certainly gratitude and appreciation for the department and the people who produce the report would grease the wheel so to speak, but you are not some lowly serf who is coming to the King to ask for mercy! (Laughter) You are powerful! You are divine! You are a creator! You are that which we are. You are us and we are you.

This is one of the most stubborn misconceptions that Humanity has been force fed. That they are somehow the lowest of the low and need to be herded and controlled and only occasionally blessed by that which comes from above. Do you now see that absurdity of that illusion? We hope that you do. And, if by some chance you still choose to see yourself as a miserable wretch who somehow missed out, then we lovingly and patiently and eternally await the day when you decide to step into your power and begin to use it. The choice is and has always been yours.

Say thank you, show appreciation for those who are in a position to help you and do your level best to pay that assistance forward when another comes to you to ask for help. But do not waste another moment thinking that those who ask for help, whether it is you or another, are any less than those who can lend the helping hand. While we may have more experience with consciously creating that which we desire, you have the exact same abilities as we do. We marvel at your awakening and are thrilled when we see each one of you begin to accept the assistance available to you and we are overjoyed when we witness you beginning to step into your role as the Creator of all that you see.

This is it Dear Ones, it really is that simple. Where once you may have looked upon us as higher than you, the reality is that we are all part of the same creation. You need us as much as we need you.
So what are you waiting for?
Get out there and get your hands in it! Start to play in and use the energies of creation that are available to you and call forth that which makes your heart sing and your spirit soar! The only thing preventing you from manifesting the life you dream of is your insistence in believing that you are not powerful enough to do so.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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