You Are Your Higher Self

Allow yourself to witness the presence that you are. The presence that is always with you perceiving through your eyes. The presence that has chosen the container of your life to know itself through. As we sit in that presence we see that everything external falls away. We see that there is no Higher Self, there is only the Whole Self which is always with you because that’s what you are.

Katya Turner’s video –
Jeremy Nudell’s video –


2 thoughts on “You Are Your Higher Self

  • I just love your honesty!! Thanks for showing up authentically, sharing where you are in the process – without the need to hold on to things you’ve said just because you’ve said them. We are evolutionary beings and the process is not linear. – You really encourage me to go out and speak my truth. My “now truth”. Not my “always-and-forever truth”. Thank you again, I love your videos!

  • Great Great Wisdom. I love what you are tapping into. I’ve never before experienced “Be Here Now” as I have lately. For me it is Love, Creation, and Peace of (the) Mind. Thank You Andrew

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