You Gotta Do The Work

I get a little fired up in this video! I get very passionate when it comes to the topic of claiming our personal power!! We all have the ability to shift our circumstances to a better state of being. Trust me, if there was a magic pill that allowed us to take a shortcut to fulfillment and not have to do our inner work, I would have found it. In the past, I tried EVERYTHING to avoid having to take responsibility for my life. Our inner work is the gateway to the life that we want. We can choose to avoid that work as long as we like, but our life isn’t going to change until we decide to do the work. When you decide that the desire to have a better life, is more powerful than the fear of change and the unknown, then you’ll make the shift to doing the work. Yes, transformation is destructive by nature, but it is a part of life that is unavoidable.
So….what are you waiting for? It’s time to get to it!

Thanks for watching!


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