You Gotta Own it to Change it

spring timeTo get to the life you want, you must at some point begin to take responsibility for the life you have.

The moment we accept the powerful truth that we are the creators of our lives, is the moment that we can begin to consciously create what we want.

Acceptance of things as they are doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. In fact the sooner that we begin to align with the version of our lives that we wish to see, the sooner it will begin to unfold. Staying rooted in focus of what we don’t want only prolongs the amount of time that it persists in our current version of reality. However, there must be a moment of recognition of things as they are now. There must be an acceptance of the current version of reality to move beyond it. It only has to be a moment, but it must occur.

This moment of acceptance is the spark of creation. This is the impetus that drives us to begin to create what we truly want.

It’s like seeing a weed in the garden. We see it, acknowledge it and we pluck it from the ground. Then we get back to cultivating what we have intended to grow. Pretending that the weed isn’t there only allows it to flourish. Just because a weed pops up, doesn’t mean we failed as a gardener. The same goes for our lives. When unwanted circumstances arise, we can look at them as an opportunity to learn about our powers of creation.

We can ask ourselves “What are these circumstances teaching me”? Where does my power lie in this situation?” “How have I drawn this to me”? and most importantly “What feelings are present for me in this situation”? The feelings are always the key to unraveling what we are experiencing. When we want to create a better feeling life, we know that we must start with a focus on the things that are in our lives currently that align us with feeling better. Cultivating and nurturing what is already here that feels closer to what we desire will expand the good feeling things in our lives.

It all starts internally. It all starts with the beliefs and expectations and stories that we hold up as truth. We can’t have negative, powerless, shitty feeling thoughts on a loop in our mind and expect to create anything that feels any different.

So accept what is, acknowledge how it’s different from what you want, find a way to focus on the good that already exists and choose to shift your focus to the desired.

Oh, and one last little thing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sit quietly and ask, or shout it at the top of your lungs. Simply say “I accept things as they are and I am ready for them to be better. Please help me find a way to create something better.” Ask and the help will come, but you can’t change it, until you own it.

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