Your Powers of Creation

make a wishToday we wish to speak to you about your powers of creation. We have spoken to you on several occasions about the truth of who you are as Divine Creators. We have encouraged you to begin to follow your hearts and to engage in that which brings you joy and sparks your passion.
Today we want to illuminate for you the fact that every thing is an act of creation. Every thought, every word, every action, and every choice that you make is an act of creation. Even when you are choosing one thing over another you are creating more and more and more. Even if you are focusing and listing the things that you do not want you are creating more of that. For as we have said before, everything is vibration. Everything is light and frequency. The chair that you sit in, the computer on which you are reading this. The house that you live in even the body that houses your Divine spark…they are all light and energy.

Your scientists have proven that all is light and energy and even the illusion of a solid thing is only light that has gained enough mass or momentum that it has slowed to the point of coalescing into the image or avatar of something solid. Science has also proven that nothing is really solid.
Imagine when you see something spinning around and around very fast in a circle. it spins so fast that it begins to take on the illusion of something with a new shape. As many upon your planet are focused upon the Olympic games right now you may have witnessed one of the magnificent ice skaters. There are those moments within their routines that they spin in a circle. They spin so fast that their form and shape begins to take on a new silhouette and as they begin to slow down their shape seemingly changes again. This is very similar to the illusion of all that you perceive as solid. It is merely energy spinning and moving within the desired form with enough speed to create a new shape or form. if you could see it on the microcosmic level, you would see that it is indeed not solid. It is only moving so quickly that it appears to be a solid shape, however it is still light and frequency. Like water in a cylinder, it takes the shape of the cylinder, and yet it is no more the cylinder than it was when it was resting in the lake or the ocean. This is the reality of the world that you live in. All is illusion…all is form serving the function that it is called to serve. While we understand that this may bend your brain so to speak, the beauty of this example is to begin to realize that if everything that you see is but an illusion, then it can just as easily be changed by your intention to create something new and different.

Consider a person who is an inventor…consider the Wright Brothers. They began to create the machines that now fly through the sky without a single moment of stopping to question whether it is possible or not. Even when they were surrounded by people telling them it was impossible, they continued to follow their desire. We would ask you, how do you think that they built the first airplane? You may say that they first cut down the tree to build the plane. You may say that first they drew out the plans to build the plane. Another of you may say that first they built a smaller model of what eventually became the larger plane. We would say to you that all of those answers are correct and yet none of them are technically correct. The first thing that they did to create those first versions of the airplane was that they dreamed of it. They thought it up. They had the spark of an idea which fueled their creation and they believed with all of their power that it was possible. That is the first manifestation…the thought and the feeling.

Many of you still believe that if you can’t touch it or feel it or see it or taste it then it does not exist and we would remind you that it does not really exist anyway, does it? Even if you can see it, it is still only a collection of particles of light that have formed the desired shape, but that from where we stand it never truly “exists”. So then we say again…the first manifestation is always the thought of it and the feeling of it, then the words about it and then as it begins to gain enough mass, enough momentum, enough energy in the direction of the desired creation, then it begins to resemble something that you would say is “real”.
We wish not to talk in circles Dear Ones…(laughter) and even our scribe is now saying to us “get to the point please” (more laughter). Our point is this….everything always manifests first as an impulse…a desire, a thought, a feeling ,a word, and it blossoms and unfolds from there. When your thoughts and your feelings and your actions align with one another and you proceed with no resistance against that which you desire to create, you simply call this “belief”. A belief is only something that you have thought enough and have assumed was true and have expected with enough desire free from an opposing thought enough that it eventually manifests itself in your physical now.

If you look around where you are right now and begin to understand that every thing you see around you began as a thought and as a desire, it becomes very clear to you how powerful your thoughts and desires are. Many times you may think that an idea came in a flash of inspiration or seemingly out of nowhere and we say there is no such thing as nowhere. Inspiration comes from your higher source, your higher self, your higher guides. it is when you have aligned yourself with the frequency of the inspiration that it is then able to come through. Much like you would never be able to hear Jazz music when you are tuned to the Rock and Roll station, you can never receive the frequency of inspiration when you are tuning yourself to the belief that you cannot be inspired.

Our past few messages we have been imploring you to begin to do that which you desire to do. To create the world and the life that you desire to see. The first step is to always align yourself with the feelings that you long to feel more of and then come the thoughts, the inspirations, the ideas…those are always the beginnings of great things. Those are always the first manifestation. When you can begin to believe that a thought and a word and a feeling are just as powerful as a physical thing, then you will truly begin to master your powers of creation.

We understand that at first it may not make sense and yet that is the trick of the rational mind. Your mind will tell you that if it cannot be seen, then it does not exist. Do your level best to tune into the frequency of your heart and to let your mind rest…your mind will only serve to show you what is not possible based upon what it has been taught to believe. Your heart knows otherwise. Your heart knows what is possible…your heart knows the shortest distance to that which you seek. Your heart is your connection to the Divine. You may lovingly tell your mind that it can take a nap and take a break and begin to let your heart do what it was meant to do.
So again Dear Ones, we ask you…what is it that you long to create?
What is it that you long to see?
What is it that you previously let your mind tell you was only a dream or a foolish desire?
Do that now. Start that now. Begin that now. Allow that now.
It is yours. It is done. It is done. It is done.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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